Born in Walnut Creek, California, Henry Cowdery received a BFA for Industrial Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in 2014. Cowdery spent two years in Chicago, Illinois designing bags and hardware as well as assisting factory production in China. He relocated to Seattle, Washington in 2016 to pursue a personal art career and to design for other artists and industries. His work has been shown through the Shunpike storefronts program and Seattle area group shows. He currently lives and works in Seattle.

Cowdery’s current body of work considers the relative scale of our species against the backdrop of geologic time. He seeks to create works that underscore the brevity of human existence on this vast, prolific, but ultimately apathetic earth. Working primarily in charcoal drawings and sculpture, Cowdery employs natural languages such as erosion and reproduction to explore fragile human constructs of value, place, and creation with intention.